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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy

To Initiate Return:

Drop an email to

Cancellation and Refund for your purchase:

Cancellation and refund is possible before we dispatch your order. If you change your mind and want to cancel your purchase do so before you receive our email with the dispatch details. Email us or call on 9820146986 to cancel your purchase at the earliest. If the product is not already shipped you will receive the full refund of your payment in 7 days.

Return and Refund of your purchase:

Indian Colours will always double cross check the product we pack with care and that the dispatch matches the specific order you placed. We strive to send products that are thoroughly checked for quality. There may be some differences in the product photo colours featured on the website and the actual product colours. Those differences will not be considered for returns.    

In case you receive a totally wrong product due to human error we will accept return and send the correct product matching the order you placed. Request for a return pick-up within 24 hours of receiving the wrong product. We will dispatch the right product promptly on receiving the returns.

In case the product reaches you where the package is damaged and the product is broken - firstly refuse to accept the parcel from the courier agent and ask for return to origin. Make a remark to courier to the effect 'damaged on arrival'. Promptly email or call us to report the damage and we will take action. In the case the outer package is alright but product inside is broken, do take pictures of the broken product, within 24 hours of receiving product, and email them to us. We will consider your case for replacing or refunding.

Returns and refund will not considered if the customer dislikes the ordered product. Return request will not be entertained if made beyond 24 hours of receiving the product.

Refund against returns, if you choose that option over replacement, will be made in 7 days after we receive the product and your request.

Replacements of wrong product will be sent after receiving the 'Returnable' product in it original good condition. In case of damaged product, replacement will be sent after return of the former.  

Refund and/or replacement will not be possible if product is damaged after used or misuse.

Upon completing a Transaction, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable agreement with us to purchase the product and/or service. After this point the User may cancel the Transaction unless it has been specifically provided for on the Platform. In which case, the cancellation will be subject to the terms mentioned on the Platform. We shall retain the discretion in approving any cancellation requests and we may ask for additional details before approving any requests.
Once you have received the product and/or service, the only event where you can request for a replacement or a return and a refund is if the product and/or service does not match the description as mentioned on the Platform. Any request for refund must be submitted within three days from the date of the Transaction or such number of days prescribed on the Platform, which shall in no event be less than three days. A User may submit a claim for a refund for a purchase made, by raising a ticket here or contacting us on and providing a clear and specific reason for the refund request, including the exact terms that have been violated, along with any proof, if required. Whether a refund will be provided will be determined by us, and we may ask for additional details before approving any requests.
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